Environmental Response, Inc. has over $3 million in owned decontamination services equipment, a 45,000 SF office / warehouse stocked with over $1 million in PPE (up to level A), absorbents, drums, acid suits, respirator cartridges, and air bottles.

•Tank Cleaning and Decontamination
•Rail Car Cleaning
•Scrubber Decontamination
•Confined Space Entry and Rescue
•Meth Lab
•Rodent Fecal Cleanup


Remediation services: Work force with fifty 40-hour OSHA trained technicians and a total available field crew of over 150 technicians, which is the largest work force of environmental technicians in the State.

•Soil Remediation
•Soil Stabilization
•Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Air Sparging (AS) System Installation
•AST / (L)UST Removal / Site Remediation
•Brownfields Remediation
•Landfill Closure
•HazMat Excavation (PCBs, PCS, etc.)
•Transite Pipe Removal
•Exploratory Excavation
•Superfund Site Remediation
•Meth Lab Clean Up
•Transformer Services

Waste Management/Hazmat Services:

Rated #1 Hazardous Waste Contractor in the Southwest by Southwest Contractor magazine.

•Chemical Identification / Lab Packing Disposal
•Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
•Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management
•Laboratory Relocation
•DEA Controlled Substances
•Medical Waste Management
•Drum Management & Disposal

24-hour Emergency Response

#1 Emergency Response Services Contractor by the State of Arizona.

•Oil Spill Response
•Chemical / Hazardous Material Spill / Mercury Spills
•Tractor Trailer / Tanker Over-the-road accidents
•Infectious Agent Response
•Emergency Pump out
•Standby Emergency Coverage
•Tank Overflows
•Railroad Derailments
•Facility Decontamination
•Illegal Dumps
•Product Recovery and Transfer