Chemical Disposal

Contract: Approximately $815,000 annually

Currently on our 8th consecutive year contracted by the City of Phoenix for environmental services, ERI runs ten (10) three-day household hazardous waste collection events for the City each year. During the three days, several hundred vehicles literally bring tons of household hazardous waste every day. ERI has the skilled personnel to carefully and quickly identify, characterize and properly sort this waste. ERI is wholly responsible for preparing the shipping papers and coordinating disposal. At the busiest events, ERI has provided over 20 employees on a Saturday to meet the needs of the events.

Contract: $935,000

ERI was contracted with a mine in Eastern New Mexico as their hazardous waste manager for almost 1.5 years. ERI personnel were onsite full-time to do waste accumulation at the main mine and also satellite locations in order to package, transport, and dispose of hazardous waste as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Other services provided to the mine, included emergency spill response, tank cleanouts, and asbestos abatement.

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