Contaminated Soil Excavation

Contaminated Soil Excavation

Contract: $2,314,786

ERI was contracted to secure the mine tailings from an abandoned mine located in eastern Arizona. The tailings were moved to a secure area chosen by ADEQ and contoured as specified by an environmental engineer. The completion of this project required that ERI haul in approximately 1,600 truckloads of clean soil (approximately 336,000 tons).

The soil was transported approximately 30 miles on a dirt road. ERI was challenged to maintain this road for our trucks hauling the soil and the local residents. The county Department of Transportation routinely inspected the roadway for compliance and permit requirements. The clean soil was used as a cap of the tailing to prevent possible runoff. Additionally, gabion baskets filled with rock were placed along the outer perimeter of the contoured pile to aid in the prevention of possible runoff. What made this project unique was the large amount of work to be completed in such a small time frame (71 days).

Contract: $2,695,964

ERI was contracted to remove PCB impacted soil from a five-acre lot. The soil ranged from 3ppm to 200ppm, causing the waste to be classified into two different categories. The waste testing below 50ppm was disposed of at a local Subtitle D landfill as solid waste. The waste that tested above 50ppm was shipped out of state to a regulated landfill as regulated TASCA regulated waste.

The areas to be excavated were previously tested and mapped. This was completed to minimize the excavation of clean soil. Approximately 40,934.96 tons of solid waste was excavated and disposed, and 1,676.75 tons of regulated waste was excavated and disposed. The complexity of this excavation project was the continual finding of historical Native American gravesites. The excavation would cease upon the location of the gravesite until the bones and artifacts could be properly removed.

Contract: $990,642

ERI was contracted by nationwide general contractor and construction management firm on a renovation project at Sky Harbor International Airport. 2,500 tons of contaminated soil was excavated, transported, and disposed of by ERI personnel. Clean backfill soil was brought in and compacted. Demolition and septic tank removal activities were also performed by ERI HAZWOPER trained technicians.

Contract: $568,010

ERI was contracted to replace two (2) 56,000 square foot wastewater pond liners near Bumble Bee, AZ. 1700 tons of sludge/sewage was removed from the ponds and transported to a landfill for disposal, along with the old rubber liner. The soil banks were re-contoured and the new rubber liner was installed. Extreme caution was used during this project to ensure no major leaks or spills occurred because of the close proximity to a hillside that sloped down to Interstate-17. Because of ERI’s diligent work, no setbacks occurred. The project was still completed on time and within budget.

Contract: Approximately $300,000 annually

ERI has been contracted with an Arizona utilities company since 2000 for routine and emergency environmental response services. ERI has responded to transformer oil releases in all corners of Arizona and into New Mexico in part. Our extensive knowledge of PCBs, skilled labor force, and ample equipment offers the client a one-stop shop environmental contractor. Other services performed include capacitor management, transformer decontamination ahead of scheduled maintenance, confined space entry, and tank decontamination through triple rinsing activites.

Contract: $14,294

ERI was contracted to clean up 200 gallons of hazardous septic waste and sludge that had been illegally dumped on a dirt roadway that flowed into a retention pond near Show Low, AZ. ERI personnel responded to the site to install waddles to prevent further leakage of waste into the retention pond. The contaminated soil was excavated and the retention pond water was removed by vacuum truck. The project was put on an accelerated time schedule because rainstorms were forecasted for the coming and days, which would have created more contaminated material. The project was completed before the storms arrived and all materials were properly transported and disposed.

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