Contract: $65,000.00

ERI was contracted to demolish a 10,000 square foot building on mine property in Northern Arizona. The building was structurally unsound and contained asbestos materials, therefore the building needed to be demolished for public safety reasons. However, the 50-year old building had historical significance to the community. Because of this, parts of the buildings were to not be disturbed during demolition, including the fire chimneys. The surrounding building was demolished, while leaving the chimneys free standing. The demolition was completed by AHERA and HAZWOPER trained technicians in order to properly handle and dispose of the asbestos debris.

Contract: $32,500.70

ERI was contracted to demolish ten leaking automobile hoists from an automobile maintenance facility in Tempe, AZ. The remaining hydraulic oil was pumped from each hoist into 55-gallon drums and hauled off for recycling. The hoists were pulled from the ground and disposed of properly. The contaminated peagravel was excavated out from the under the hoists and placed into roll off bins for disposal. Many safety precautions were required for the duration of the project because the maintenance shop was unable to suspend operations. To delineate the work area, barriers and signage were created to reduce the risk of the maintenance shop worker injuries.

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