Tank Decontamination

Tank Decontamination

Contract: $35,271.00

ERI was contracted to excavate, demolish, and dispose of a concrete vault at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. The vault size was fifteen feet by nine feet and was buried to a depth of ten feet. The underground utilities were blue staked and cautiously excavated around throughout the project. Once pulled from the ground, the vault was demolished and transported for disposal.


ERI arrived on site at a City of Phoenix water treatment plant to transfer fluosilicic acid from one tank to another, then, neutralize the empty tank for repair. ERI personnel arrived on site and met with the City of Phoenix representative. ERI set plastic up on top of the tanks and on the ground below to protect from any unforeseen spills. A transfer pump was set on top of the two tanks to transfer liquids. Once the hoses and equipment was set up, ERI donned Level ā€œCā€ PPE and transferred liquid from tank 1 to tank 2. After the acidic product was transferred, ERI was able to unbolt the side opening to the tank for entrance. Once the side flange was opened, ERI took Confined Space readings and set up Confined Space equipment for entrance. ERI used a solution of lime and soda ash to neutralize any residual product in the tank. ERI also used a pressure washer and a pump to transfer the rinse water from the tank into drums. ERI then entered the tank for the second time to finish pumping out the last of the rinse water.

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