UST / LUST Removal

UST / LUST Removal

Contract: $1,013,125

ERI was contracted to remove twenty (20) Underground Storage Tanks from a former California Marine Corps base. Eleven (11) 25,000-gallon tanks and nine (9) 50,000-gallon USTs were removed and transported for disposal. There was a topcoat of asbestos abated on the topside of each tank prior to removal. Also, twenty (20) aboveground concrete vaults were to be demolished and hauled off for disposal; lead-based paint abatement was performed prior to demolition.

Contract: $225,233

ERI was contracted to remove underground storage tanks that held the heating oil for all the barracks on a former California Marine Corps base. Sixty-eight (68) underground storage tanks between 500-1000 gallons were decommissioned. The remaining oil was pumped from the tanks and sent off for recycling. Each tank and associated piping was excavated and crushed onsite, then transported for disposal. The scheduled six-week project was completed in just four weeks and nearly $150,000 under budget.

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