24-hour Emergency Response

Environmental Response Truck

ERI has successfully completed over 16,000 projects since 1994 approximately 40% of which have been are emergency response operations. ERI has extensive experience with government accounts having served the State of Arizona for Emergency and Routine Response as well as a number of municipalities and utility providers. These contracts are demanding and varied. In the performance of these contracts ERI has provided emergency response around the clock to incidents involving illegal disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, chemical, fuel and waste spills, bulk tank and secondary containment releases, sewage releases, post-fire cleanup, permit required confined space entry, asbestos abatement, excavation, soil remediation, household hazardous waste collection and a variety of additional projects. ERI is accustomed to working under the watchful eye of Federal, State and City government departments and agencies meeting all requirements for safety and regulatory compliance.

  • Oil Spill Response
  • Chemical / Hazardous Material Spill / Mercury Spills
  • Tractor Trailer / Tanker Over-the-road accidents
  • Infectious Agent Response
  • Emergency Pump out
  • Standby Emergency Coverage
  • Tank Overflows
  • Railroad Derailments
  • Facility Decontamination
  • Illegal Dumps
  • Product Recovery and Transfer

Our commitment:


We will serve our fellow employees, our customers, and our community by consistently building long-term value.


In all we do, we will be ethical, honest, and forthright.


Safety is an absolute for employees, for subcontractors, and for the communities where we operate.


We expect to be judged by the successful execution of our commitments.


We will prevail by setting and meeting the highest standards.